Crave World Clock Software Help
Contents > Changing world map settings

You can customize various aspects of the World Clock from the menu commands and from the Settings window. This section provides you the help in understanding the world clock customization.

Change Font: You can change the font family and font size for the cities displayed on the map as well as cities displayed on the desktop wallpaper. To change the font for the cities displayed in the window, go to Map menu and click on the "Change Font" menu item. From there, you can change the font for cities as well as the Date caption displayed on the window. To change the font for the cities displayed on Wallpaper, go to Desktop menu and click on "Change Font" menu item.

Show Day and Night effect: It is also possible to show day and night shading on the world map along with current time. By default, this option is enabled. If you wish to disable it then go to Map Menu and uncheck the "Day / Night Shading" option.

Changing Map Size: If you wish to change the size of the world map according to your current display then you can easily do so. Go to Map Menu and click on the "Map Size" command. Then choose the required size from a pre-defined list of map sizes.

World Clock as Desktop Wallpaper: If you wish to set the world clock with map as your desktop wallpaper then Go to Desktop menu and Check the "Show World Clock as Wallpaper" option. You can choose to remove the wallpaper when you close the program by enabling the option "Remove Wallpaper on Exit" from Desktop menu.