Customer Testimonials

Crave World Clock has really helped make it easier to manage people in many different timezones. My hat's off to you for creating a easy-to-use and effective tool for the 21st century global worker!
- Chris Gardner

I just wanted to thank you for the terrific effort you put into this application. The Crave World Clock far exceeds others that I've tried in all respects. It's certainly worth the price I paid for it!
- Mitchel Haas
Datasoft Solutions

I own and operate in a International security company with offices in the Middle East and Central Asia with projects around the world, Crave World Clock allows me to keep on top of the many different time zones and locations at a quick glance. Great product!
- Bruce Brunson
(TSI International)

My thanks to the Reflection Software Solutions for the Crave World Clock, it is not only functional but innovative, its light easy on the eye, and user friendly. I love it!
- Catherine Datta

Living in Adelaide (Australia) and having daughters living in the UK makes it complex knowing when to phone especially at the change overs of daylight saving time. Having the Crave World Clock on the desktop gives us an instant knowledge of the time in the UK and infact any place in the world where we have friends making it easier to call at an appropriate time.
- Sinclair Mann
Adelaide, Australia

The Crave World Clock is becoming an invaluable tool to assist me in keeping schedules needed for worldwide communication!
- David Wellman

The FX currency market operates worldwide and around the clock.The graphic representation of day and night on Crave World Clock makes it 'plain as day' which markets are, were and will be, open. A quick look at Crave World Clock, with the major market cities highlighted, reveals the time of day in each of them. That's a huge plus when you are researching what is driving market activity!
- Carlos Conti

This software is a very useful one which helps me tell the different time of places around the globe from my desktop. Unlike others I’ve used before, Crave World Clock has other useful functionalities such as calendar, day/night shading and many other options available to the user. This is indeed a great software for business executives just as it is for me, a student!
- Benedictus Dotse, student
(KNUST, Ghana)

This compact application allows you to view the current date and time in any time zone, any city and country in the world, use digital and analog clocks and even set the world "clock dashboard" as your live desktop wallpaper.
- The Editors, - Software Directory