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As you know, Crave World Clock helps you to keep track of current time in different time zones and cities. You can view current time on a real world map as well as on floating desktop clocks.

What is the purpose of the world map?

The world map is present on the main window along with day / night shadow . All the selected cities are displayed on the world map at a position based on their longitude, lattitude and UTC offset.

Apart from the that, when you move your mouse cursor over the world map, a tooltip will be displayed containing current time and city name for the city exactly below the mouse cursor. So it is not necessary to add all the cities you know on the world map. You can just point the mouse cursor at the particular location on the world map and the city time will be displayed.

Also you can set the world map with current time as your desktop wallpaper. The time on the wallpaper will be updated automatically every minute without taking too much system resources.

The world map can also be used as a screensaver, so whenver your computer is idle, a nice world map along with current time, day / night shadow will be displayed.

world map

Adding cities on the world map

By default, some of the important cities around the world are displayed on the world map. If you cannot find your city on the world map then you can add it from the Add / Remove City Dialog.

To open the dialog, go to WorldMap menu and click Add / Remove City on World Map command. After the dialog appears, you can choose the cities you wish to display on the world map and click Apply the change button.

Put analog and digital clocks on desktop

If you prefer desktop clock widgets over the world map then you can add different analog and digital clocks on your desktop to keep track of the world time.

desktop clocks

To add analog clock, click Add analog clock button from the toolbar. On the next dialog, select the city, clock theme and size for the desktop clock. Then click Add clock on desktop button. For each clock, you can right click on the clock itself to get the context menu. The context menu provides functions to change the clock theme, clock size, to hide time, to hide seconds hand etc.

Similar to the analog clocks, you can click Add digital clock button from the toolbar to put digital clocks on your desktop.