Crave World Clock Software Help
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General Settings

Start World Clock automatically at login: If this option is enabled, the world clock will start automatically when Windows starts.

Minimize to System Tray when Closed: If you enable this option, World Clock application will not be closed when you press the Close (X) button instead it will be minimized to system tray.

Start Minimized: If this option is enabled, World Clock application will start but will be minimized to system tray instead of showing the Map Window as usual.

Show Popup when Right click on Map: If you enable this option, you will be able to access the important functions of world clock from the context menu when you right-click on the map window. All the functions in this menu are also available from main window menu.

Balloon Settings

For your convenience when Crave World Clock is minimized, the program can display a help balloon showing the current time in cities you select when you point at its system tray icon.

Show balloon: If selected, when you point at the system tray icon, World Clock will pop up a help balloon showing the current date and local time, and the time in up to 8 cities that you have selected. If not selected, when you point at the system tray icon, World Clock will display a regular tooltip showing just the local time and date.

Test button: Click the Test button to show the help balloon with the currently selected cities.

Cities displayed in Balloon: This section lets you choose which cities are displayed in the balloon. Because the amount of text that can be displayed in a balloon is limited, you can only choose up to 8 cities.

All cities: This list shows the complete list of cities available to be selected.

Displayed cities This list shows the cities you have selected. Select a city from the All cities list and double-click it or click on > (Add) to add it. Select a city from the Displayed cities list and double-click it or click on < (Remove) to remove it.

HotKey Settings

For fast access to Crave World Clock's main information windows, you can add a hotkey keystroke combination to any of these windows. When a hotkey is used, while World Clock is running, this keystroke combination will show or hide the selected window, regardless of what other application you are using at the time. For example, you could use the keystroke combination ALT+W to show or hide the main World Clock display.

You can add a hotkey to all or any of four World Clock windows:

the main application window

the year-at-a-glance calendar

the international dialing codes list

the time finder window

the list of all cities with current time

Adding a hotkey: To add a hotkey to a window, click in the field corresponding to that window, then press the keystroke combination you want to use. Then click the corresponding Add button.

Note: Choose your hotkey keystroke combinations with care. Some of your other applications may use the same keystrokes for other functions, and setting a hotkey will take precedence over other applications. If Windows or another application has already used the keystroke combination you chose for a hotkey of its own, World Clock will warn you that it was unable to register the hotkey.

Note too that hotkeys are only used while the application that registered them are running. So you might be able to register a hotkey one day, and find that it doesn't work another day because a different application used it first.

Removing a hotkey:To remove the hotkey that has been added to a window, just click the corresponding Clear button.